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Cathy Ollerenshaw – Peak District Canine Massage

or a long time I have been considering a career change that would allow me to do something that helped animals, specifically dogs, but i was looking for something a bit different to the everyday jobs. After a harrowing experience with my own elderly collie I realized that massage could be an extremely beneficial therapy in the canine world. Having explored all the courses available I decided to call the Canine Massage Therapy Centre.

From the first phone call to Natalie Lenton I felt happy and confident that enrolling on this course would enable me to pursue a new, exciting and rewarding career. Natalie was honest from the start in ensuring that I knew exactly what I was taking on, this course is not for the weak hearted, it is not for someone who simply wants to `pamper` their own pet, it is hard work and needs the commitment of many hours study, however it is interesting, fun and fulfilling and through every step of the way Natalie has been there at the end of the phone or e mail guiding, helping and supporting. The practical weekends during the last 10 months of the course are amazing, hard work, lots of fun, and many more laughs. My entire group started off terrified but by the end of weekend 2 had bonded into a wonderful group of friends some of which I believe will last a lifetime.

I have now been qualified for over 6 months, building a business with my new skills is alot of work but it is fulfilling and I am gradually building a client base and meeting many lovely people and dogs in the process. A new skill like this doesn`t happen overnight and I am still learning every day, sometimes I hit situations that I don`t know how to deal with but this is never a problem because as a member of the Canine Massage Guild I know that Natalie or indeed another Guild member will always be at the end of the phone with reassurance and support that will enable me to handle any situation or concerns that arise.

Making the decision to follow the Canine Massage Diploma has opened up a future for me that will enable me to spend time doing work that I love, helping animals that I love and earn a living in the process, what more can you ask for. Thank you Natalie for everything!

Cathy Ollerenshaw – Peak District Canine Massage