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Judy Chappell, Canine Masseuse and Groomer, CANIS Ltd, Witney, Oxfordshire

“Nat has made each of us feel special whilst we have been training with her – she has guided us every step of the way particularly when we were struggling with the volume and difficulty of some of the modules, helping with clarifications on all the questions that we could come up with, showing us as many times as we have needed how to carry out certain techniques, even down to making sure that we were fed and watered on the practical weekends, providing us with a wealth of practical tips and advice along the way to help us as therapists: its impossible to list all the ways she has helped us during the course.

And now we have finished the course: she has given us all real confidence in ourselves and our skills to get started as therapists, combined with practical strategies to market our new businesses including providing us with the ultimate shop windows – opportunities to meet the public and talk to them about massage and their dogs at Crufts 2012, and a fantastic website to inform the public about massage therapy, and to direct them to their nearest therapist. All of us Bulldogs have wanted to embark on new careers with dogs, but Nat has been an inspiration to all of us, and she has propelled us forward in a way that I can`t imagine any other course provider could possibly do.

I thoroughly recommend the course to aspiring “dog professionals”, or even those already professionally involved with dogs who want to improve the value-added of their services in a big way.”

Judy Chappell, Canine Masseuse and Groomer, CANIS Ltd, Witney, Oxfordshire