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Penny Warren, Bristol K9 Massage

I have had dogs all my life and when I came to a crossroad in my career I decided it was time to follow my dream to work with dogs. I had met Nat at an agility show a few years before where she did a muscular health check for my old boy Bob. After watching her palpate my dog and listening to her talk about canine massage I began to realise how my dogs would benefit from massage never dreaming that I could do it myself.

So when the time came to make the leap of faith and change career I applied for the canine massage diploma. I knew I wanted to gain formal training and the diploma seemed the most indepth course out there.

After the initial telephone interview with Nat I was accepted and was then filled with excitement, nerves and anxieties as I hadn’t studied for years.

The course itself is full on. The modules are in depth and cover many different topics ranging from anatomy and physiology to law and also business/ clinician skills.

When doing the modules you do need to be self motivated so as to complete them in time for the practicals.

Once the practicals begin it all starts to make sense. Nat is an inspiring lady full of knowledge and passionate about massage which rubs off on us as students.

She is always supportive and understanding even if you are having a ‘meltdown’ and a crisis of confidence. She is continually getting the best out of us as students and made each practical weekend fun and informative and ensured we all stayed motivated throughout. With all the knowledge and skills you learn throughout the course you will have the best foundation to be able to follow your passion.

Having completed the diploma I am now embarking on a new and exciting career and enjoying every day; being able to make significant changes to a dogs health and mobility is the best feeling in the world and so is getting paid to love something I do that benefits others; a dream come true. Also having the added benefit of being a member of the Canine Massage Guild I have continued support from Nat as well as from other members of the Guild.

Definitely the best decision I made and a life changing experience.

Penny Warren, Bristol K9 Massage