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Cath Nicoll, DogsBody Canine Massage, Gloucestershire

First of all I chose Nat`s course as the others looked to me, rather too relaxing and fluffy and seemed to get across that you could do a decent massage on a dog without going too deep. There was no one to talk to about the other courses I saw (or no one willing to speak to me) but when I saw The Canine Massage Therapy Diploma I just looked at it and immediately thought “this is the one for me”. I rang to speak to Nat and managed to get hold of her immediately and we had a great discussion. I clearly remember Nat telling me to make sure I looked at the other courses available to make sure that hers was the one I wanted to do.
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Carly Vincent – Wholesome Hound

I`ve had dogs my whole life and after deciding I wanted to work with them, I explored various courses and careers before I chose to study with Natalie and become a Canine Massage Therapist. I knew from my first workshop with Natalie that it was the right thing for me as I could see and feel what a huge difference I could make whilst having a fulfilling and exciting career. It was the best decision I`ve ever made and has opened up an entire new world for me.
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Alice Tanner

I came across the Canine Massage Diploma when I attended one of Nat`s workshops and knew instantly that this was the course for me. As a McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapist already working in the field, I was only too aware of how the muscular system is intrinsically linked to the skeletal system and was at a point in my career where I felt that something was missing from my work. I had had several cases where I could not get to the bottom of the problem with my McTimoney-Corley training alone and was looking for a massage course that could provide me with the skills to `complete the picture` so to speak. Nat`s diploma has certainly given me that ability to say the least!

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