Bob Grass no 29 tablets are invaluable for Shy or Nervous dogs, or as a General tonic & Conditioner.

Can be used instead of the now discontinued no 19 white tablets

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These were previously called Nerve Tonic. The no 29 is invaluable for Shy or Nervous Dogs or as a General Tonic and Conditioner to rouse the “sluggards” and even helps the “stoppers” to race right out.

Equally good for obtaining that little bit of bloom, alertness and tip-top fettle that catches the Judges eye in the show ring.

None of the Bob Grass tablets contain any drugs!

Each pack contains around 45 pills.

Dosage is one morning and night for dogs up to 28lbs (12.7kgs), 2 morning and night for over 28lbs.

For more information read here BOB GRASS TESTIMONIAL

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