FOLKLORE Epipthorea (tear stain remover) cream 100ml


Helps remove unsightly staining around the eyes


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One of the most common conditions affecting dogs eye`s is the blockage of the Epipthorial glands that help to produce saline tears as well as acting as receptor glands to help remove the constant flow of tears that are essential in keeping the eyes healthy.

The Epipthorea cream which is applied to the closed eye lid and around the eyes gently penetrates the glands which if blocked can cause tear stains, eye infections and dry eye, encouraging the flow of natural protective tears as well as helping to keep the pick up glands fully functioning.

As with all The Folklore products, the preparation is 100% chemical free and very safe to use.

The tear stains can take many years to develop, and may take a while to fully clear.

Try to gently remove any deposits that may have built up around the eye, and apply eye drops once a week to clean out the eye surface.

A Natural Herbal Ointment Base containing Aqua-mel. Witch-hazel. Homeopathic ARNICA 30.

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