Devils Claw can be used as an analgesic 

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This is a traditional South African herb used to aid arthritic type conditions, as well as digestive complaints, and may be a tonic for older animals with flagging appetites.
Devils Claw addresses musculo-skeletal problems. The main active ingredients responsible for its effectiveness are harpagoside and beta-sitosterol, helping joint, ligament and tendon problems.
Devil`s Claw`s pain relieving effect are similar in nature to phenylbutazone (Bute).  Due to it`s bitter properties, Devil`s Claw also stimulates the digestion, thus making it highly effective for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
Care should be taken  in it`s use with other medications.  In humans, it should not be used for patients with ulcers, and excessive dose may interfere with treatment for heart disease and high/low blood pressure, nor should it be used with aspirin, cortico-steroids or other non steroidial anti-inflammatory medications.  It is safe to assume that you should not use in animals in the same circumstances.
Do not administer to pregnant animals.


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