Back on Track (Human) BACK BRACE – BLACK


Back on Track Back Brace with technologically advanced Welltex™ material with ceramic woven into the fibres which when worn reflects body heat back as an infra red wave.

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Made from technologically advanced Welltex™ material has ceramic woven into the fibres which when worn reflects body heat back as an infra red wave. The Back On Track range for Horses,dogs and you may help to:

  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Warm Muscles
  • Reduce Inflammation (excellent when recovering from injury)
  • Encourages The Bodies Natural Healing Process
  • Reduce The Aches & Pains Associated With Arthritis/Hip Dysplasia

For more information about how Back on Track works and how to care for your product, please download our guide HERE

Back Brace with Wide Front

The Back Brace with Wide Front lends more back support than the narrow Back Brace by compressing the abdomen, thus offloading pressure from the spine. Since the Back Brace`s effectiveness is mainly due to the Back on Track ceramic fabric, this support is an additional functional bonus of the product.

Back Brace with Narrow Front

The Back Brace with Narrow Front is more practical if one is often in a sedentary position, for example whist driving or horse riding. If as a woman you have problems at the lower end of the lower back, one can achieve a good fit over the hips by crossing over the belt a little bit in the front.

The size is adjustable with the Velcro strap. In order to achieve optimal body contact, there is a removable soft rectangular pad incorporated into the back of the belt which is designed to fill up the curves around the spine. This may easily be removed if one for example wishes to have a more slim line protection under trousers/pants. Because of the belt`s ceramic textile, it will still have the same effect. Alternatively you may wish to use the removable rectangular pad separately and let your trousers hold it in place if you wish to wear something particularly slim fitting.

Adjustable Waist measurements

SMALL 65cm – 95 cm

MEDIUM 85cm – 115 cm

LARGE 100 cm – 130 cm

X LARGE 115 cm – 145 cm

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