Back on Track (Dog) DACHSHUND MESH RUG


The Back on Track Dachshund Mesh rug is similar to the standard jacket, but designed specifically for short-legged, long-bodied dog breeds

Made from technologically advanced material with ceramic woven into the fibres which when worn reflects body heat back as an infra red wave.

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Dachshund Mesh Sheet

The Back on Track® Dachshund Mesh Sheet has all the attributes of the standard mesh rug, but designed specifically for short-legged, long-bodied dog breeds (be they young, old, hard-working athletes or just the family pet). This coat protects the major muscle groups of the animal, as well as the sensitive abdominal area. Made of a breathable, polypropylene mesh material, lined with the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric, the textiles property reflects natural body heat and creates soothing FAR infrared therapy. That gentle treatment increases blood circulation and helps in reducing inflammation, thus eliminating many of the dog’s aches and pains so he/she remains comfortable and active. This jacket, as with all Back on Track products, is ideal for both prevention and injury recovery. The Mesh Sheet, is a multifunctional item, so can be used as a second layer underneath a conventional blanket, as a thin, soft Training Blanket, as a Lightweight Rug (especially if the dogs coat is wet) as a Cooler or as a Light Transportation Rug, This Coat has maximum permeability for dampness. Lacing at the front of the blanket allows for adjustability, the attached wrap-around belly strap keeps blanket in place, plus there are openings for leash and dogs tail and reflectors on each side for enhanced visibility.


Small 40cm

Medium 45cm

Large 49cm
IMPORTANT: to determine the correct size, with the dog standing still, upright & facing forward, measure the length of your pets back (the torso, along the top of the spine) from the withers (where the neck meets the body, approx., just below the collar line) to the dock/base of the tail (where the tail meets the body).

For more information about how Back on Track works and how to care for your product, please download our guide HERE

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Coat Sizes

Dachshund 40cm mesh, Dachshund 45cm Mesh, Dachshund 49cm Mesh

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