Back on Track (Dog) DOG BED QUILTED


Quilted dog bed made in the Welltex fabric the technologically advanced material with ceramic woven into the fibres which when next to the body reflects heat back as an infra red wave

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This technologically advanced material has ceramic woven into the fibres which when worn reflects body heat back as an infra red wave. The Back On Track range for Horses,dogs and you may help to:

  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Warm Muscles
  • Reduce Inflammation (excellent when recovering from injury)
  • Encourages The Bodies Natural Healing Process
  • Reduce The Aches & Pains Associated With Arthritis/Hip Dysplasia

This thin dog bed made in the same resilient Welltex fabric as the Saddle pads delivers the guaranteed Back on Track effect.

Especially well suited for dog cages in cars as it has special folding zones that make it adjustable to virtually all cage sizes. It is removable and washable.

Don`t just use it in the cage though, it can be used on any occasion when the dog may need a comfortable bed with infrared heat reflection.

For more information about how Back on Track works and how to care for your product, please download our guide HERE

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