Back on Track (Dog) MESH SHEET


Reduce Stiffness and Improve Your Dogs Comfort and Mobility with the Back On Track Mesh Sheet Dog Coat. Made from technologically advanced Welltex™ material with ceramic woven into the fibres which when worn reflects body heat back as an infra red wave to improve Ciculation & Reduce Inflammation. The Original Therapeutic Line Of Dog Coats With A Purpose!

To fit 23 – 86cm (3cm increments)

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The ceramic which is woven into the material reflects body heat back into the body as a FAR Infrared wave which helps to improve circulation and reduce inflammation, helping to improve your dogs comfort and mobility levels. An absolute must for the dog owner who wants to help benefit their dogs health at all times.

Ideal for the dog who is recovering from injury, living with arthritis or hip dysplasia and for the active dog too! An absolute must for any sporting or agility dog. Your dog can wear it on a walk or around the house to reap the therapeutic effects of Back On Track technology.

How will it make them feel?

More comfortable by reducing their aches and pains, bringing gentle warmth to the muscles to help improve their suppleness and flexibility for better movement.

Ideal for dogs who:

  • Are active
  • Competition Dogs eg: Agility, Show – use it to help warm up and cool down your dog!
  • Seem stiff
  • Are Senior
  • Have reduced tolerance to the cold
  • Have reduced mobility
  • Dont seem as active as they once did
  • Live in cold houses.
  • Have been diagnosed with Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia
  • Are recovering from injury
  • Seem old before their time

An absolute must for dogs diagnosed with Lumbo Sacral Stenosis (Cauda Equina)

The Mesh Rug may be worn under other rugs or if one wishes to have a rug that is thin and smooth during exercise sessions or following rainy weather when your dog`s coat is wet, in order to speed up the drying process. The Mesh Rug is ideal in this situation as it boasts maximum permeability for dampness. You may adjust the main opening and withers area in order to achieve an optimum fit. There are reflectors on both sides.

When To Wear:

As these coats are Therapeutic your dog needs to wear it for a few hours everyday. The Mesh Sheet is lighter weight making it ideal to for the heavier coated dog or for indoor use for any dog.

Think of it as a house coat or put it on them before bed time and let them sleep in it overnight. Of course they can wear it on walks too as the increased body heat heightens the effect of the reflective ceramic For active dogs wear it whilist travelling to a show and take it off before their run/performance then after they have cooled down naturally pop it back them on to help recovery, sore muscles and reduce inflammation.

For show dogs sitting around on benches for prolonged periods the mesh sheet is a must as it will not only help to keep your dogs muscle warm but will importantly help to influence their ciruclation which means that once they are in the ring their Gait and Movemovement will be positively improved. Why not combine a mesh sheet with a Back On Track Crate Mat for extra help.

Machine washable at 30 ° C in gentle program of regular detergent without bleach or fabric softener. Air dry, no tumble dry. Ironing at max 50°C.

For our Dog Rugs & Mesh Sheets, please measure from the withers (roughly the collar line) to the base of the tail to achieve the length of back.

  • 52cm small Collie
  • 55cm small labrador, medium collie, small Golden retriever
  • 59cm average labrador/golden retriever, large collies, belgian shepherd
  • 63cm Boxers, German Shepherd Dog, small greyhound, large golden retriever, larger belgian sheherds
  • 70cm large greyhound
  • 80cm Great Dane

For more information about how Back on Track works and how to care for your product, please download our guide HERE


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