Magnetic Copper neck chain for your dog


Magnetic Copper neck chain for your dog which is believed to ease those arthritic aches and pains which so many elderly dogs seem to suffer from. This item has taken the well-known benefits of Copper and added magnetic therapy, in the form of four 3000 gauss neodymium (rare earth) magnets, which is believed to help ease those stiff aching joints on your best friend.

Please note: These items are made from pure copper and are not strong enough to use as a lead collar, so please use along side a normal collar

Please order according to your dogs neck size below.

Copper Collars can easily be cut to size to remove any excess chain if it is a little too long.

  • SMALL between 6inch-12inch (152mm-305mm)
  • MEDIUM between 12inch-18inch (305mm-460mm)
  • LARGE between 18inch – 25inch (460mm – 635mm)
  • EXTRA LARGE between 25inch TO 32inch (635mm – 813mm)

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