Complete Body Support System; Front and Back end support all-in-one


The SupportRX Total Body Harness System:

Changing the Way we Support our Dogs Prior to the SupportRX Total Body Harness System, veterinary hospitals commonly used either towels or belly slings to help disabled pets walk. Minimally effective, the use of an everyday towel or belly sling commonly resulted in discomfort for both dogs and veterinarians/pet owners alike. Dogs felt discomfort due to the unevenly distributed weight that the towel or belly sling exhibited on their bodies. This would cause them to squirm and maneuver themselves out of the contraption, resulting in injuries from pulled muscles or injuries resulting from being dropped by the person handling them. Veterinarians/pet owners felt discomfort because they would constantly have to be bent over in an awkward position in order to carry the disabled pet around. This resulted in chronic back pain, which deprived the disabled pet of the special attention that it both wants and needs.

The Revolutionary SupportRX Total Body Harness System “I designed this harness for pet owners like yourself who are in need of helping your dog get around safely. It was not only designed to be safe and effective for your dog but also safe for you… SupportRX is here to support both you and your dog.” –Dr. James St. Clair, Creator of the SupportRX Total Body Harness System. The SupportRX Total Body Harness System is constructed with 600 denier nylon for maximum strength and durability. It uses an interior fleece lining that presses up against the dog’s chest in order to ensure the ultimate level of comfort for your companion.

The SupportRX Total Body Harness System has quick-release buckles and adjustable straps for easy use and is 100% machine washable.

The SupportRX Difference: The SupportRX Total Body Harness System comes in two separate pieces: A front-end harness and a hind-end belly support. The front-end harness slips around the front legs and clips together using quick-release buckles that connect near the dog’s back. The majority of the contact being made is on the sternum of the dog which is where we want to support them. The hind-end belly support has a typical leash hook which is located at the end of a 6-foot leash that clips on to an o-ring. The hind-end belly support is then slipped right under the dog’s belly. The 6-foot leash’s purpose is to make you utilize both of your hands to control the dog. This means you are able to both control and support the speed of the dog’s front-end, while also supporting the back-end. A great additional feature of this product is the handle on both the front and back pieces of the harness. These handles let you safely and easily pick up and move the dog as you please. It is ideal for taking your dog in and out of the car, or moving your dog to different areas of the house. Utilizing both the handles and the 6-foot leash on the SupportRX Total Body Harness System prevent you from having to constantly bend over to help your dog move. If used correctly, you can help your dog walk and transport them around in a complete up-right position, saving unwanted back discomfort and other injuries that may occur from using a typical towel or belly sling. Who benefits from the SupportRX Total Body Harness System?

•Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

•Older, Arthritic Dogs

•Post-Surgery Dogs ?Back Surgery ?Neck Surgery ?Lumbar Surgery ?Total Hip Replacements ?ACL Repairs

•Dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy

SMALL  chest 16-20in under 15lbs
MEDIUM  chest 17-21in 15 to 25lbs
LARGE  chest 21-26in 25 to 45lbs
X LARGE  chest 26-34in 45 to 65lbs
XX LARGE  chest 31-41in 65 to 85lbs
XXX LARGE  chest 35-47in 85 to 110lbs


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