FOUR SEASONS 100ml 100% Safe & Natural Canine/Feline Parasite Control (can be used on rabbits)

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FOUR SEASONS 100% Natural Canine/Feline Parasite Control (can be used on rabbits)

A natural blend of herbs and homeopathy to support the digestive organs allowing the natural expulsion of parasites to occur through the animals own natural defence system.

Four Seasons may be used for a broad spectrum of worms including tape worm.

This Folklore product, Four Seasons is made from only natural ingredients, known and used for many hundreds of years by herbalists, combining herbal and homeopathic ingredients.

Firstly the homeopathic ingredients support the digestive organs through the animals own natural defence system.

Secondly the astringent effects of the herbal ingredients create a hostile environment for parasites.

Four Seasons Acts throughout the year – simply administer using the pipette supplied, either directly or by mixing with food.

Four Seasons May be used for puppies/kittens and pregnant females.

Four Seasons Will not adversely affect the protective natural gut flora.

Administer 1ml two consecutive days every month.  Where a dog already has tape worm, use the tincture daily until all is clear.

Made in the UK by the Folklore Practice

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