An ultrasonic Flea and Tick Controller device, about the size of an identity tag, that clips to a dog or cat`s collar.

Ultrasonic sounds help keep your pet and bedding free from fleas, ticks and other unwanted visitors.

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The Medi-direct Flea and Tick controller conveniently attaches to your pets collar. As there are no chemicals or toxins, it is perfect for chemical sensitive pets especially older, sick, pregnant or lactating animals and of course, puppies and kittens.
  • Lasts up to 1 whole year
  • Non toxic – 100% Natural
  • Efficient – Fast and Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
The Flea and Tick Controller emits a range of ultrasonic sounds. These sounds are intolerable to the fleas/ticks, repelling them from your pet and its close surroundings (basket/bed). The unit is weatherproof and can remove existing fleas and ticks as well as preventing further infestation. Parasites cannot build a resistance to its ultrasonic sounds. Noticeable results within two weeks of continued use.
Battery operated.  A pull tab activates the battery inside the device. Flashing LED light indicates that the battery is active and allows the owner to check battery life.  Splash-proof

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