First Ever Clinical Trials on Clinical Canine Massage Therapy.

History has been made as both University Centre Sparsholt and Winchester university conduct in-depth clinical trials with the Canine Massage Guild on the efficacy of clinical canine massage therapy and, specifically, Lenton Method®.

A three-tiered, results-driven approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal problems in dogs, the Lenton Method® is taught to Canine Massage Therapy Centre students during their rigorous 2 year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme. The programme is externally accredited with LANTRA, a nationally recognised awarding body regulated by OFQUAL, SQA, and Qualification Wales.

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Whether you are searching for information on how massage may help your dog, want to locate a therapist in your area, are looking for a new career in canine massage, or would like to bring your own dog along to a 1 day workshop, we’ve got it covered.
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Did you know your dog has around 700 muscles that pull on the 320 bones to produce movement?
Without muscle there is no movement and it’s the tissue that is most likely to accrue injuries, stress and overcompensate for orthopaedic issues.
Massage is THE most effective therapy to rehabilitate and recondition your dog’s muscles for movement, mobility and longevity!

Exclusive Guild Member CPD is  available to all current GUILD members subject to meeting the pre-requisites.  Sorry we are unable to offer this to therapists who are not Canine Massage Guild members trained by us.

Our one day Beginner Workshops are currently held in Worcestershire and Herefordshire but please check out the Therapists who are licensed to hold these workshops for us and have workshops around the UK, their details are HERE.  If you are unable to attend in person, the Beginner workshops are also available on line in a live session with your instructor.

If you want to order the DVD to get some practice at home, please note that you can  ORDER YOUR DVD HERE in a downloadable format  or order the DVD from our website as normal.

Applications for the 2024 Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner course are now being accepted. Details how to apply can be found HERE

What’s New on the Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme for 2023?

New for 2023!

NEW! Online companion school! – whilst you are studying your modules our online companion school has been developed to help bring it all to life for you at home study element of the course and includes:

  • An online video library of some preparation techniques to assist you to establish a strong foundation ready for the in person practicals where we continue building on this to develop your skills with advanced massage, the Lenton Method and myofascial release
  • Exercises
  • Quiz’s
  • Resources
  • Gross Anatomy videos with Natalie
  • Specially recorded videos to keep you motivated and share some of the magic at home before moving into the classroom!

NEW! Regular support sessions in Year 1 – every 4-6 weeks we have Zoom sessions with our students to check in with your progress, answer your questions and work with the tutor team to improve your success and understanding of the module content

NEW! Online physiology lectures with Natalie & the tutor team

NEW! Regular online contact via zoom throughout the 2nd year practicals in-between the all important in-person practical sessions in the classroom

NEW! Separate community area away from Facebook to build group coherence away from the usual social media platforms!

All of this plus all the in-person practical days, real clinic days with visiting clients, hands on coaching to make you the best therapist possible and achieve results in 1-3 sessions. We are the only school to teach the scientifically proven Lenton Method® of canine massage therapy as published in the Vet Record by the British Veterinary Journal.

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