About Us

Our Mission

It’s simple. To be the leading provider of Canine Massage Therapy Training as a science based complementary therapy that rehabilitates muscular injuries, provides pain management for orthopaedic conditions and maximises athletic performance.

The 4 Pillars Of The Canine Massage Therapy Centre Approach:


We are dedicated to helping expand and develop people’s knowledge when it comes to understanding canine massage therapy. From 1 day workshops, to practitioner level training, CPD, and professional speaking right through to the extensive library and information on our website as well as our DVD and webshop, we pride ourselves on disseminating at all levels the information that leads to more dogs being helped with this non invasive natural therapy.


Vital to the success of canine massage therapy is the dedicated time it takes to develop the correct range of techniques alongside a working knowledge of a dogs anatomy. We pride ourselves in training others in:

Swedish massage
Sports massage
Myofascial release (the direct and indirect approach)
Deep tissue
Manual lymphatic drainage
Trigger point release
Facilitated stretching

In addition to our:

Exclusive set of protocols taught exclusively to trainee practitioners; a series of

7 direct myofascial releases developed by our Course Director over years of practice in this therapy.

Importantly all our tutors are dedicated to the continuous development of their own skills and attend many courses to ensure their knowledge is up to date.


To our customers, students and therapists we aim to provide the best service possible. And here’s a word to the dogs :-

To help you recover from injury or lameness naturally and faster
To help you with pain management and arthritis non invasively
To help you with sporting injuries right through to stiffness, slowing down and into your senior years.
Your comfort, health and longevity is our concern and our passion

Our commitment is to keep spreading the word about canine massage to help more dogs everywhere.


We promote an ethical, skilled professional approach ensuring that all therapists we train respect the Veterinary Act 1966 and Exemptions Order 2015 and commit to never working on a dog without vet consent. We also ensure that our 1 day workshop attendees understand that our 1 day workshops are for use with their own dogs only.

We are part of the Review of Minor Procedures Regime as part of the Massage and Soft Tissue Group (MAST) feeding into DEFRA and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. We let owners know when massage may help their dog and importantly, when it can’t.

We practice ‘Best Practice’!

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