If you have been looking for the holy grail of senior canine healthcare then you have found it.

Do you see any of the following in your older dog?

  • Slowing down
  • Stiffness
  • Shaking/trembling
  • NSAID Intolerant
  • Pacing around/finding it difficult to settle
  • Finding it difficult to get up and down from lying/sitting position
  • Difficulty getting in and out the car
  • Difficulty going up and down stairs
  • Reluctant to go for a walk
  • Arthritis
  • Grumpy with other dogs
  • Spondylosis
  • Miserable/Depressed
  • Off food
  • Lost their sparkle

A professional Guild massage therapist will be able to:

  • Address Protective Splinting for Arthritis
  • Relieve spasms, trigger points and areas of prolonged muscular tension
  • Improve levels of Pain Management
  • Help to make your dog more comfortable and we aim to give them back their zest for life
  • Assess for underlying orthopaedic conditions or neurological issues for Veterinary Diganosis
  • Advise you of any changes, injuries or issues with your dogs mobility
  • Provide you with an Customised Care Plan for your dog at home

The most common mistakes that people make when assessing if their dog needs Canine Massage is:

  • Thinking that a general ‘rub over’ of the dog is a massage
  • They read blogs on ‘how to massage your dog’ and perceive that is enough. These articles marginalise professional therapists and are often written by people who have no training or qualification themselves
  • They try and learn to do it themselves from a book – sorry but you cant substitute 2 years of Professional Training that is assessed, examined and externally accredited, plus all canine massage books out there only show the very basics of generalised Swedish masage
  • Confusing bodywork with supplements – supplements such as Glucosamine and herbal tonics such as Golden Paste are great however they don’t directly address the muscle and the significant changes that must be made if the muscle is to be functional.
  • The owner waits to long to address the issue
  • Owner waits until their dog is very late in old age and then tries it
  • People can be ignorant when understanding its the muscle that pulls on the bones to produce movement so therefore muscle s accrue alot of stress in dogs with orthopaedic conditions
  • Understanding that a dog may be classed as Senior from 9 Years old or younger
  • Canine massage therapy is ideal for NSAID intolerant dogs or those with renal impairment

The dramatic differences a dog can show in 3 sessions over 3 weeks with a Canine Massage Guild Member is quite simply unbelievable.

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