Stretch ‘N’ Flex

Knowing how to safely stretch your dog can help to improve their flexibility and suppleness which in turn shows as fluid, effortless movement and improved energy as well as helping recovery after exercise and the prevention of injury.

Key Features of this course

Learn How To Stretch Your Dog To Improve Their Mobility & Flexibility!

how_to_stretch_a_dog_workshopShort tight muscles restrict blood flow and prevent full range of motion as well as causing, soreness, stiffness and discomfort. A pain-tension-pain cycle then begins which can be difficult to break. If any of these sound like your dog then they will really benefit from attending the ‘Stretch-N- Flex’ Workshop:

· Coat Changes
· Stiffness
· Twitches down back
· Excessive stretching or very little self stretching
· Agility/Flyball/Obedience/Working Dogs
· Uneven nail wear
· Tight skin
· Reluctant to be touched in an area OR
· Constantly presenting an area to be touched eg: Neck, Rump

This 1 day workshop will teach you how to correctly and safely stretch your dog and will also dispel some of the common stretching myths that can actually do more than good to your dog. Learn with us and get it right first time, every time!

Stretching Workshop for Dogs

The ddog_massage_and_stretchingay involves:

An individual assessment of your dog ROM (Range of Motion) Its important to recognise that all dogs are different so what is a ‘normal’ stretch for one dog may be too difficult for another. We take the panic out of this for you by continually assessing your dogs ROM before, during and after the programme of stretches. Stretching is not a competition and all breeds have their own natural ROM. We show you how.

· Injury Assessment – what may be stopping your dog from ‘reaching’ their full stretch potential
· Basic Massage Technique & Group Warm Up (pray for nice weather ’cause we’re going outside!)
· Joints – Locate your dogs main joints and learn their actions
· Common Diseases & Issues of Joints
· PASSIVE STRETCHING – Its a fallacy that passive stretching increases injury risk and its also a fallacy that ‘you cant stretch a dog’, you can as long as its done safely.

Your tutor for the day is Director of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre, Natalie Lenton, who is also an adept human bodyworker with Qualifications including Level 3 Swedish, Level 4 Advanced Sports Massage,

Diploma in Myofascial Release and DORN Method. She is going to show you how its done the way it should be!

· Active Stretching – Getting your dog to participate in their own routine is not only great fun for them and you but done properly active stretching actually helps your dog improve their own levels of flexibility

And a few safety notes….

stretching_for_agility_dogsPlease note: Orthopaedic Issues such as Hip Dysplasia, Spondylosis, Arthritis, Luxating Patella etc.. are always taken into account to ensure your dog receives a safe stretching routine. If your dog is deemed unsuitable for some stretches you will be helped to understand why. Your dogs safety and comfort is always paramount.

Stretching isn’t a competition; every breed of dog has their own Range Of Movement, there is no competitive element in the class at all as each dog is VERY individual

Do we perform MET and PNF on the workshop? No, these methods of stretching rely on the active and conscious participation of the person by holding different types of contractive states eg: isometric and therefore cannot be done with any animal.

safe_stretching_for_dogsYour tutor for the day is not only a Professional Canine Masseuse but also Human Masseuse who has studied VTCT Level 3 Swedish Massage, VTCT Level 4 Advanced Sports Massage and holds a Diploma in Myofascial Release (Dip MFR), DORN Method, Thai Massage, Sports Taping & Strapping. Natalie brings together all of her knowledge and experience from the human and dog world to ensure your dog gets the best routine possible!

This workshop is for all dogs, from agility stars to pet dogs, active dogs to senior ones we look forward to seeing you there!

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NB: Due to time constraints we only run this workshop once a year so book early!

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Stretch ‘N’ Flex
1 Day Course
£TBC (inc. VAT)
Desirable that you have previously attended the Beginners or Sporting dog workshops