Rescue Dogs

Getting your rescue dog checked over by a canine massage therapist is an invaluable experience for any rescue dog and their owner. It can highlight old injuries and explain why they are touch shy or showing other behaviours that may be linked to muscular pain.

When may a training or behavioural issue actually be a pain issue? Not knowing what happened to your dog in their previous home or situation can lead to a lot of second guessing as to why they may be exhibiting certain behaviour. If you are seeing a behaviorist for your dog they may be able to help you understand why. A canine massage therapist will often work alongside the dog’s behaviorist, just as they will with the vet, to help them understand areas of the dog’s body which may be painful or have muscular dysfunction. Dogs store and feel pain just like us, making canine massage a beneficial therapy for rescue or traumatized dogs.

Canine Massage Therapy For Rescue Dogs Addresses:

– Old muscular injuries the owner is often unaware of e.g. strains
– Hidden areas of pain/soreness
– Previously diagnosed conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis
– Not wanting to be groomed/petted in an area
– Head shyness/collar shyness
– Reluctance to walk on certain floors
– Finding it difficult to accept touch
– Disliking abdomen/feet/inside legs being touched/examined
Lameness, stiffness and mobility issues
– The storage of emotional anxiety often seen with extreme myofascial pain – see below

Quite often myofascial pain goes unrecognized in the dog. You can recognize it from a few familiar symptoms:

– Difficulty in relaxing
– ‘Tickly’ spot in middle of back/back leg activated
– Tight skin
– Twitching or juddering of the skin
– Yelping when touched or groomed in an area
– Guarding an area from being touched
– Rolling around a lot on their back
– Reluctant to be touched for long periods in one area, always redirecting you to another area

A maximum of 3 initial sessions should tell you if the therapy is benefitting your dog as a therapist will reassess your dog on each appointment. You’ll be surprised at what a massage can do.

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