Working Dogs

To get a dog to competition and working standard with the necessary physical and mental stamina takes a lot of training and repetition of exercises. This all takes its toll on the dog’s muscular structure and this can lead to injuries such as strains, sprains and myofascial issues.

Listed below are some of the muscle groups that can be affected with injuries as a result of some of the exercises involved in trials and the work it is based on

Muscle Group Affected Exercise/Discipline
Neck Tracking, Searching, Long, Clear & Scale, criminal pursuit, retrieve, heelwork
Shoulder Girdle Tracking, Searching, Long, Clear & Scale, criminal pursuit, retrieve
Lumbar area Tracking, Searching, Long, Clear & Scale, retrieve, heelwork, criminal pursuit,
Hind quarters Tracking, Searching, Long, Clear, Scale, Criminal pursuit, Sendaway, retrieve
Quadriceps/Hamstrings Long, Clear, Scale, Criminal pursuit, Sendaway, Quartering, Retrieve, Recall
Forelegs Searching, Quartering, Scale, Long & Clear, Recall, Retrieve, Criminal pursuit
Abdominals Quartering, Sendaway, Scale, Long & Clear, Criminal pursuit

What You Might See In Terms Of Performance If Your Dog Has An Injury:

– Lack of enthusiasm/lethargic
– Knocking the clear, not making the distance on the long jump
– Unable to make it over the scale
– Pulling out of the clear, long jump or scale
– Change in jumping style
– Not running out on send aways & not redirecting
– Reluctance to chase criminal
– Unable to hold in bite work
– Unusual lack of enthusiasm for nosework
– Backing away in test of courage
– Lacking confidence when quartering
– Unwilling to take position after jumps
– Slowing down
– Breaking stays
– Unable to focus during heelwork

Following Massage An Owner Will See:

– A return of enthusiasm
– Renewed consistency on send aways & redirects
– No longer breaking stays
– Speed returns
– Focus returns to heelwork and nosework
– Clear agility rounds
– Confidence returns in bite work and quartering
– More agile and supple

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