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Hannah Meeker – Wiltshire

Working as a small animal hydrotherapist and studying to be an animal physiotherapist I am constantly looking to maximise my ability to achieve positive results for the patients I treat. Having researched massage courses I came across the Canine Therapeutic Massage Diploma and met Natalie in person, I really liked her passion for making a difference. I knew this was the course for me.

The theory side of the course is in depth and thorough, at times challenging, but the network of support is great to coach you through. The practical side as well as teaching excellent techniques and palpation skills, provides you with the skill and confidence to explore the contours of the patient, identify problem areas and how to treat what you find. Importantly she also teaches you that you can’t always help. On top of all this I really like the ethos of Natalie and the Canine Massage Guild working best practice, a maximum of three sessions to see a difference – the results speak for themselves.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a really adept animal bodyworker

Hannah Meeker

Address: Wiltshire