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Vreli Middleton, K9 Bodyworks, Devon & Cornwall

I thoroughly researched all the canine massage training courses available, including those in the US, before deciding this course what I was looking for. I felt it had far better structure, content and professionalism and covered advanced techniques all others lacked.
With the theory part of the course work Natalie guides you through the dog from the inside outwards, anatomy, physiology, orthopaedic conditions, pathologies, everything that is essential before you even get your hands on a dog. She is always available if you need anything explained or expanded on, to make sure you pass your modules as you work through them.

Once the practical weekends begin you realise just why the theory has been so thorough and it all starts to become clear. Natalie is an excellent teacher really bringing her passion for her students success to every session. She has the ability to make you feel at ease as you learn, grows your confidence with the way she teaches palpation and massage techniques. Each student gets individual attention, ensuring they understand what they are feeling, placing their hands in the correct places, showing the correct pressure to use and going over anything as many times as needed, encouraging you to master each technique.

But it doesn’t stop there, some of the theory modules are about clinician skills and starting up your own business so will give you a grounding to be able to start your own practice. Natalie has set up The Canine Massage Guild which provides CPD opportunities, a referral network countrywide, and the chance to attend Crufts, promoting not just the guild but also ourselves. All the while she is still available for support, assistance, passing on contacts in our areas and doing what she can to help us succeed.

This diploma course is not for the feint hearted, only for those who are serious in making Canine Massage a career should consider the journey, it is life changing. Natalie puts her heart and soul into passing on her knowledge and skills, students need to reciprocate that. There is an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement knowing you have gained this diploma, reached the high standards envied by the canine massage world, and are able to become a member of the prestigious Canine Massage Guild.

Vreli Middleton, K9 Bodyworks, Devon & Cornwall